Bleeding Out Taxpayers

There were Millions dollars on the table for  a NCA&T/UNCG Joint Millennial Campus when  Bowles Lease for alleged Joint Millennial Campus was finalized   which Gateway Requested as a Joint Millennial Campus
Greensboro's Jim Phillips, Jr.  B&F Oct. 2003, committee allegedly  made  statutory required  expressed determination universities had the fiscal capacity to established and maintain the joint millennial Campus.
Five month after the alleged Oct. 2003 designation Phillips' Board of Governors Committee On Budget and Finance, March 2004, recommended adding to the Supplemental Expansion Budget Requests 2004-05, $4 million dollars to renovated the School of the Deaf property, and pay for telephone and high speed networking.

Oct 2004, a year after alleged JMC Oct. 2003 designation.  Phillips' Board of Governors Committee On Budget and Finance recommended $14,000,000 of spending for Joint Millennial  Campus and A&T State University to $647,500 and  UNC Greensboro   to spend up to $400,000 to plan projects on the  Joint Millennial Campus, all dispositive to statutory expressed determination universities had fiscal capacity to establish and maintain joint Millennial Campus as determined by the Phillips Board
Phillips' Board of Governors Committee On Budget and Finance allegedly Oct. 10.2003.

hillips committee proposed $14 million dollars of spending  on an alleged JMC  against a backdrop of a  $12.3 Million dollars  University of North Carolina wide 2004-05 Budget reductions.  

Phillips' Committee On Budget and Finance, March 2004, recommendation.

 SL 2004 -124   funded The University of North Carolina  Board of Governors 2005-07 Budget Request  for 4 Million dollars from the General fund for the alleged NCA&T/UNCG  Joint Millennial Campus .
Mr. John R. Merrill, Executive Director of Gateway Research Park-renamed Greensboro Center for Innovative Development- in a letter dated March 22, 2007 claimed" The original basis for the creation of a joint NCA&T and UNCG Millennial Campus, now called the Gateway University Research Park to Mr. Jim Lora, Office of State Budget Management requesting funds authorized by SL 2004-124 for an appropriation from the General Fund for  capital improvements: $4,000,000 for the UNC-Greensboro and NC A&T Millennial Campus" be  
granted" from  the University of North Carolina to Gateway for renovations to the former campus of the Central NC School for use as  classrooms and offices,  as part of a  continuous conspiracy to  access appropriations designated for non existing NCA&T/UNCG Joint Millennial Campus by Gateway Research Park Inc.
Bowles contacted David McCoy State Budget
Bleeding out taxpayers,  alleged JMC Gateway Research Park  maybe icon for  Occupy Raleigh  and University of North Carolina Board of Governors.  In 2009 when an estimated 5000  teachers lost their  jobs, unemployment at  an all time high and food banks at an all-time low, the alleged Joint Millennial Campus  received $ 49,274.294  taxpayer dollars to build  a Joint School of Nanoscience and  Nanoengineering Research Building owned by  private corporation Gateway Research Park. Inc.  Millennial Campuses Financing Act. NCGS § 116-198.31 dictates no pledge of taxes or the faith and credit of the State or any agency or political subdivision thereof, to pay the cost, in whole or part, of buildings, structures, or other facilities.   The sources of funds used to repay the $10 million authorized in 2004 for the Joint Millennial Campus were the Health and Wellness Trust Fund (HWTF) and the Tobacco Trust Fund (TTF).  The session law (SL 2004-
179) that authorized the use of debt for  the  JMC also required the HWTF and TTF to pay the debt service on this project as well as nine other health and education projects and up to five and youth development facilities.  Although these two trust funds have been abolished, the same source of funds (Master Settlement Agreement- MSA) that used to support them is still being used for debt service. The State’s General Fund is being used to repay the debt service on the Joint Graduate School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering Building.  For more information, you can look up the bill that created this funding on the General Assembly’s website at  NC A&T Photo
Gateway Research One, financed with private money where lease hold improvements accrue to Lessor, was only 50% occupied a year before a JSNN degree was authorized - Nov. 2009 and two years before students would enter degree programs- Sept. 2010,  Sept 2008 pursuant delegated authority UNC President Erskine Bowles approved a three year,  4,300 sq. ft. lease ($540,000) for temporary Lab and office space for JSNN program at Research One, at Gateway Research Park Inc. described as an Education Research company, while permanent building was being constructed. The universities would later say they could host degree program  on campus first year, 2010-2011