The Book of  NC A&T

"The Buck Stops Here"

Alleged JMC
Bleeding out Taxpayers

Who have You help today?

Archangel Michael:  Man was told to do unto others as he would have done to him - CREATOR doesn't say Please!!!   
Historically CREATOR steps out of background into foreground on behalf of enslaved people in the most powerful country at the time.

HBCUs and particular NC A&T, NCCU, and WSSU in North Carolina are instruments use to reverse enslavement. 
HE  said  they (United States) have the right form of government but it's been bastardized.  Here you have the vote but don't monitor the people you put in power.  Power doesn't regulate itself it has to be regulated.   
 This investigative report using North Carolina Public records laws ( transparent government) and internet demonstrates how true stake holder in the country, the people, can track official acts of elected officials - But they will lie!!